Homework Help



Electronic Zoo- from Washington University     

This is a direct link to the Electronic Zoo from Washington University.


National Wildlife Federation for Kids   

This is a direct link to the National Wildlife Federation for Kids.


Smithsonian National Zoological Park 

The National Zoological Park is a part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum and research complex. The Smithsonian includes museums and galleries, as well as the National Zoo.



The newest and cutest exotic baby animals from zoos and aquariums around the world.





History of Human Space Flight- from NASA's Kennedy Space Center            

Here’s a direct link to the history of human space flight from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.



This is a direct link to the NASA website.



This is a direct link to the children’s page of the NASA website.


Windows to the Universe- from National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA)           

Explore the wealth of information available here to learn about the Earth and Space sciences and related topics in the humanities including mythology, art, poetry, and more.





National Gallery of Art Online Art                    

Here’s a link to the National Gallery of Art for kids.


The Stacks for Kids- from Scholastic   

This is a direct link to a website for kids from Scholastic.





A social learning network connecting middle and high school students who ask questions and teach each other how to answer homework and schoolwork questions, moderated by educators.



The Exploratorium isn’t just a museum. It’s an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perception, a vast collection of online interactive tools, web features, activities, programs, and events that feed your curiosity.


Homework Center- from Multnomah County Library   

Here’s a link to subject topics gathered by the Multnomah County Library.






Ask Dr. Math              

Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers. There’s a searchable archive is available by level and topic.


Change Maker- from FunBrain            

Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible by figuring out the correct change.



Here’s a link to an amusement park of math, games, and much more.



This is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment.                   





Currently being updated.




Web Weather for Kids            

This is a link to a website about weather for kids.





eBooks & Audiobooks- OverDrive

Movies, TV Shows, Music, eBooks, Audiobooks, Graphic Novel & Comics- Hoopla

Films, Documentaries, Indies & Classic Films- Kanopy

Digital Magazines- Flipster




AwesomeLibrary for Teens                  

This is a direct link to the AwesomeLibrary for Teens website.






Citation machine helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information that they use. Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources.


Quotations Page                                  

The web's most comprehensive site for famous quotes  


Strunk's Elements of Style- from Bartleby Online          

This classic reference book is a must-have for any student and conscientious writer.




EBSCOhost Databases                       

EBSCOhost databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources for tens of thousands of institutions worldwide, representing millions of end-users. This content services the research needs of tens of thousands of customers representing millions of end users from K-12 students to public library patrons, from academic, corporate and medical researchers to clinicians and governments around the world. This database is provided by OPLIN, the Ohio Public Library Information Network.



HowStuffWorks is the award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works.


Ohio Web Library                               

This is an evolving collection of thousands of online publications and research resources. The Ohio Web Library includes: popular magazines, trade publications, scholarly research journals, newspapers from Ohio and the nation, encyclopedias, dictionaries, speeches, poems, plays, maps, satellite images of Ohio, and more. The Ohio Web Library supports quality education, a skilled workforce, business growth, and lifelong learning in Ohio. By providing resources statewide, Ohio Web Library can cost-effectively provide necessary information resources to all Ohioans, regardless of their location, age, education or economic status. This database is provided by OPLIN, the Ohio Public Library Information Network. 

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