Wireless Network

The Portage County District Library provides wireless Internet access at all branches for users with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals. These access points allow users to access the Internet when within range of the library’s wireless network. The wireless network is operational when the branch is open.

Users are responsible for making sure their computer, or other device, has the correct settings and necessary hardware. If a user has problems accessing the Internet, staff will verify the library’s connections are working. Staff cannot troubleshoot problems related to a specific device or assist in making changes to the user’s equipment. The Library makes no guarantee as to the compatibility of the user’s equipment with the library’s network, nor can the Library guarantee that any particular website or electronic transaction will work.

The Internet is a public communications network and should not be considered secure. Any information being sent or received over a wireless network could potentially be intercepted by another user. For this reason, there is a risk when transmitting any personal information (such as credit card numbers, passwords, Social Security numbers, or other sensitive information) while using a wireless network. It is the patron's responsibility to protect his/her laptop or other wireless device through the use of up-to-date virus protection, personal firewall, and other measures.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment, data files, device configurations or security resulting from connection to the Library's network or the Internet, nor liability for any damages to hardware, software or data, however caused.

Printers are not available for wireless users. Work should be saved to a data storage device or an e-mail file, then accessed from a wired library workstation and sent to a public printer.

If audio files are accessed headphones are required and the volume must be low enough so as not to disrupt other library users. Users of the wireless network must provide their own headphones.

Wireless users are responsible for their own equipment and should never leave it unattended.

The Library’s wireless network provides filtered access to the Internet. The filtering software may not be turned off.

Users of the Library’s wireless network are expected to use it in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Approved December 31, 2007


Source URL: https://portagelibrary.org/wifi