Teacher Loan Cards

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Teacher cards are issues by Portage County District, Kent Free and Reed Memorial libraries and may be used at any library in Portage County. Teachers may have only one teacher card in the county. A regular library card is required before a teacher card is issued.

Teacher cards are available to certified teachers of accredited educational facilities from pre-school through high school and homeschool teachers.

Teacher cards provide an eight (8) week loan period, with no renewals. Teacher cards have fine-free status for PCDL, Kent Free and Reed Memorial materials. Teachers are responsible for mailing charges for notices and are charged for lost or damaged items. Teachers are assessed with fines for overdue interlibrary loan materials, including materials borrowed through SearchOhio and OhioLINK.

To apply for a teacher card, a teacher from an accredited educational facility must present identification with current address and proof of current employment, such as a pay stub, current school ID or a letter issued by the principal of the school. Homeschool teachers must present identification with current and documentation from the Portage Country Board of Education or the local board of education to verify that they are enrolled in an approved homeschool program. Teacher cards are issused for a one-year period. To renew the registration, teachers must present proof of current eligibility. 

Materials for personal use are not to be checked out on a teacher card.

Items with a holds queue are not eligible for an extended peiod of time.

Borrowing rules and restrictions may differ for cards issues by Kent Free and Reed Memorial libraries and for materials borrowed at those libraries.

Source URL: https://portagelibrary.org/content/teacher-loan-cards