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Streetsboro Streetsboro: From Glacier to Gateway

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On Saturday, November 2, beginning at 1:00 pm, the Pierce Streetsboro Library will host an adult program entitled "Streetsboro: From Glacier to Gateway." This program will be presented by long-time local resident Pearl Pullman.  Pullman will discuss the history of Streetsboro, and intends on taking program attendees through Streetsboro's community development- from a glacier-covered and desolate land deemed undesirable by Native Americans to a bustling city officially named “The Gateway of Progress.”

Pearl Pullman is Vice President of the Heritage Foundation, which is headquartered in the Singletary House (located behind Walmart & Defer Tires), and is also a member of the Portage County Historical Society. This association has afforded her the opportunity to acquire an historical knowledge of Streetsboro, which goes beyond its geographical borders to neighboring communities such as Aurora, Shalersville and Mantua. Some of Streetsboro's earliest citizens were transplants from these communities as well as from Hudson, which is now located in Summit County. There will be something for everyone in the stories which will be shared- sometimes painful yet sometimes funny- of early settlers as well as a discussion of those who took the city well into modern day America.

In addition to the program, an informative display of Streetsboro’s artifacts and pictures of the community's historical houses is located inside the display case (just within the entryway) at the Pierce Streetsboro Library. This display contains part of the Singletary House Museum's collection, and is available for people to see during the month of October. As part of a contest, library visitors are being asked to identify the old houses of Streetsboro from an array of pictures. 

Call 330-626-4458 to register for this program or register in-person during your next visit to the library. This program is free and open to the public.

Event Location: 
Pierce Streetsboro Library
Event Type: 
Adult Program